What type of practice is this?

Olive Leaf Pediatrics is a concierge, direct primary care (DPC) practice. That means we work directly for our patients- not insurance companies or big hospital systems! This model allows us to give truly personalized care to all of our patients and to build strong therapeutic relationship with all of our families.

What services do you provide in home visits?

We can provide comprehensive pediatrics care that you would normally get in a typical office based visit.  Examples of things we can do are full physical exams, strep tests, vaccines, breathing treatments, urine tests, developmental screens, and a lot more.

Why don't you bill insurance?

We believe that comprehensive care needs more than a typical 10-15 minute office appointment which is what insurance companies dictate.  In order to bring personalized care to each patient and have 30-60 minute appointments in your home, we have to be an out of network provider.  For labs and imaging, you can choose your own in network facility.

Can you help me with my insurance claims?

We can provide you with a superbill for some services rendered.

What kinds of families join your practice?

Our practice is beneficial for all types of families!  Some examples of our patient's families include:  people who want to discuss non-traditional and integrative approaches to illness,  busy families who would like a doctor with flexible timings and home visits, families with multiple children or twins, and families who want to optimize their children's health with lifestyle based interventions. 

What hospitals are you affiliated with?

Dr. Sheriff is affiliated with Children's Hospital Oakland.  Dr. Sheriff can provide social visits after your new baby's birth or during a hospitalization in most nearby hospitals.

Do you have a physical office?

Olive Leaf Pediatrics is primarily a home visit based practice. For patients interested in office visits, they can be seen at Dr. Sheriff’s Orinda location. Please contact for further details.