Comprehensive Pediatrics Primary Care

Home Visits

Our current practice model is home based health care which means you will have your child's routine and sick visits all taken care of in the convenience of your own home.  This model is especially helpful for new mothers, busy families, or families with multiple younger children!


Well Child Visits

These are your routine checkups so your child can develop optimal physical, mental, and social health.  During these visits, we will track your child's growth and development, address any concerns or questions you may have, fill out any school or sports physical forms if needed, and administer vaccines.  Our practice follows the schedule below to provide comprehensive care and address all of your concerns:

*2-5 days after birth    *2 weeks (for weight check)     *1 month    *2 months    *3 months    *4 months    *6 months    *9 months *12 months    *15 months    *18 months    *2 years    *2.5 years    *3 years and annually thereafter


Sick Visits

These are your appointments when your little one isn't feeling well and needs to be evaluated by the doctor.  These include minor medical issues such as ear pain, fevers, skin rashes as well as more urgent issues like trouble breathing, prolonged vomiting/diarrhea, etc.  All of these visits are done in the convenience of your own home!


Newborn Services

Having a baby is an exciting and nerve-racking time in your life!  I am happy to offer a prenatal consult to make sure that our practice is right for your family.  After the birth of your baby, I will follow up with your first home visit within 1-2 days after discharge home or sooner. Our newborn services are exceptional, providing parent support for all things baby such as feeding issues, weight checks, medical issues, and even home safety checks!



For some less severe sick visits, it might be feasible to do a telehealth visit.  All of our telehealth software is HIPAA compliant and all you need is your lil one and access to a smartphone.


Chronic Care Management

Our practice is happy to care for your child with chronic medical or psychosocial conditions such as ADHD, autism, asthma, diabetes, CP, depression, and so many more... I will look at your child as a whole and help you coordinate care with any and all other medical professionals if needed.  In my experience of children with multiple or complex chronic conditions, a team approach is always best!



Sometimes, children get sicker than can be handled safely at home and need to be hospitalized.  I will be your family's partner and advocate during this difficult time.  Your child will be cared for by the pediatric hospitalist team who are pediatricians that specialize in hospital based care and are available 24/7 in the hospital.  Having been a pediatric hospitalist director for many years, I am confident that your child will be well taken care of!  If for some reason your child is hospitalized without our knowledge, please have the hospital staff call us so I can effectively advocate for them.  



Our practice recommends the AAP schedule for vaccinations.  I am willing to work with families who wish to have a modified schedule for vaccines and want to create a true partnership to do what is best for your child's health.



We offer routine lab testing and procedures in the convenience of your own home to help with diagnosis and/or treatment.  The following are some of our offerings:  strep test, urinalysis, pregnancy test, glucose test, pulse oximeter, vision screen, developmental screens, chemical cauterization of umbilical granulomas, chemical cauterization of small warts, nebulizer breathing treatment.  Prior to performing procedures, I am committed to trying effective natural approaches first.


Lab Tests and Imaging

For further lab testing and imaging, our practice will refer out to local child friendly facilities.