Olive Leaf Pediatrics was started by a Board Certified Pediatrician and Mom to provide a style of care that is wholistic, family-centered, and brings back the personal touch of “home visits”.  


Olive Leaf Pediatrics focuses on treating the whole child at every visit.  While practicing evidence based medicine, Dr. Sheriff also discusses some “out of the box” approaches for certain conditions.  Our prescription pad includes lifestyle therapies such as nutrition, mindfulness, physical skills training, and more.  At the core of our practice philosophy is that Prevention is key!  

Family Centered

The practice was founded on the belief that true healing only comes when a doctor practices family centered care. Dr. Sheriff wants to develop a strong partnership with her parents with a common goal of helping our kids thrive.  Being a medical micropractice allows us to limit the number of patients in the practice so the focus is on building personal relationships and not assembly-line medicine.

Home Visits

Our "House Call" model provides the benefit of truly traditional personalized medical care.  We uniquely provide this convenience to our families because we understand how hard it is to bring your newborn infant, sick child or medically complex child out of the house.  Along with her "doctor's bag", Dr. Sheriff utilizes the benefits of paperless technology and other eco-friendly practices during home visits.

Why “olive leaf” ?...

The olive leaf is symbolic of our practice philosophy of treating mind, body and spirit!  It's nutritious and medicinal properties symbolize two of the major approaches our practice uses to heal the mind and body.  In spirit, it grows into a universal symbol for peace and tranquility.  Our practice strives to help your little "leaf" flourish into a wholesome "tree"!