Helping Your Little "Leaf" Flourish!

Helping Your Little "Leaf" Flourish!


Olive Leaf Pediatrics is a concierge pediatrics practice in the East Bay which is Wholistic, Family-Centered, and House Calls based.  It combines the benefits of Traditional Medicine with Innovation to create a practice like no other!

Why Olive Leaf Pediatrics?

*House Calls!*

*Direct Doctor Access

*Personalized Care Plans

*Unhurried Appointments

*Eco Friendly Practice


My kids are not used to seeing a doctor and their experience with such a caring and fun doctor was such a positive one that they asked to see her again! Dr. Sheriff is really down to earth and emphasizes the importance of diet when it comes to health. She impressed me with her ability to connect to each of my kids, at their level, maintaining a balance of professionalism and ease in her communication with them. Furthermore, the home visit experience was super comfortable and convenient, especially when having to juggle schedules of multiple children!
— S.A., Moraga Mom of Four
We just had my son’s 9 year well check with Dr. Nazia. As a holistic nutritionist, I was looking for someone that takes a holistic approach and that recognizes the importance of nutrition in healing and keeping kids healthy. Dr. Nazia gets this and incorporates nutrition in her practice. This morning she was so great with my son. She spent an hour with us. She asked lots of good questions and gave us (my son and I) the opportunity to ask questions. She covered all the basics and lots more! She comes with all the tools you would normally see at the doctor’s office. I’m just so happy I found Dr. Nazia. I highly recommend her!
— J.A., Orinda Mom
I strive to bring medicine back to its roots, with a focus on treating the whole child and building family partnerships!  
Working together, we can transform our community towards greater health one child at a time...
— Dr. Sheriff