Back to School- How to Keep Kids Healthy!

Back to School Time – How to Keep Kids Healthy

It’s that time of the year again when children go “ughhhhhh” while moms might be secretly doing their happy dance…!Yes, you guessed it- it’s back to school time!

Going back to school brings a change in environment and new sources of illnesses for kids. Here are some holistic back to school tips to keep your children healthy.


1.     Sleep:

Sleep helps your child’s mind and body rest as well as grow. School age children need 10-12 hours of sleep on average. The million dollar question is how to get kids in bed early? Here’s a tip: one week before school starts, set a bedtime ritual it could be anything; a warm bath before sleeping, storytime or listening to calming music, this will help kids get into the right state and will eventually help them in falling asleep early.

2.     Nutritious Food:  

This is a burning question among all mothers, what to give kids to keep them healthy and full of energy? Start the day by giving them food that powers their brain. Introduce them to smoothies (filled with fresh fruits, veggies, nut butters, and more). You can also offer fruits and vegetables at snack time and cut down on foods with refined sugars. If kids don’t eat fruits and vegetables alone, pair it up with some healthy proteins (eggs, nut butters) or whole grains (oatmeal, granola, sprouted breads).

3.     Hygiene:

Children will often start out the year healthy, but it’s only a matter of time before they come home with the sniffles.  There are a few basic things which you can do to protect them from getting sick. First, get them in the habit of washing hands during specific situations: after the bathroom, after recess, and before eating.  Hand sanitizers can also work in a pinch if there is no access to a sink. And secondly, give them their own water bottles because drinking fountains at schools are one of the places with most germs. And if they fall sick, keep them at home so that they don’t spread it to other children at school.

4.     Be Active:

 Encouraging your kids to exercise or just to be active will keep them healthy.  Even if your kids aren’t enrolled in organized sports, incorporate family walks or active games into your day. If your kids see you being actively involved in different activities and exercise, they will be more likely and willing to participate.  

By following these holistic tips and reminders, we can kickstart this school year on a healthy note!

About the Author: Dr. Nazia Sheriff is a board certified Pediatrician, Mom, and Owner of Olive Leaf Pediatrics (a boutique holistic pediatrics practice in the Bay Area, CA).